With a powerful built-in computer and impressive screen functionality, the AMY A1 robot boasts intelligent telepresence, learning ability, social interaction and control functions.

With a friendly and responsive face and voice, AMY can recognise voice commands and respond appropriately to provide information and execute commands.

The AMY A1 is ideal for individuals, families, offices, retail outlets, schools and medical facilities. Its intelligence makes it useful for a range of interactive features and activities. 

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Social Interaction

As a personal assistant, the AMY A1 robot is adept at communication and listens intently. She recognises faces and voices to customise interaction according to your personal preferences.

Connected to the internet, AMY securely and discreetly finds answers to questions and highlights events. AMY can wake you with a nice tone, provide a weather forecast is, outline your day's schedule, or even switch on the lights and coffee machine (provided automation is installed in your home).   

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Depending on your application and requirements, we will provide a quote for customised robot application software development as well as for the robot hardware. Hardware includes Android base screen, sensors and CPU, which allows for programmable adaptive autonomous capability and voice command control.

Note: The price of the robot hardware excludes application customisation and programming.

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