OBA is a great delivery butler, and extremely clever too. OBA can deliver food, drinks, medicines, toys and other goodies such as an engagement ring to your fiancee! 

OBA's 'head space door' flicks open to allow storage for your goodies. Click it shut to secure it. OBA will keep your objects safe and only the intended recipient will be able to access them.

OBA will then securely deliver the goodies to the intended recipient, who will then use a personal virtual key to open the top door to retrieve the goodies to enjoy!


See OBA in action



CONTACT US for a quote*

Depending on your application and requirements, we will provide a quote for customised OBA application software development as well as for the hardware. Hardware includes storage cavity and lid, multiple sensors and a powerful computing platform.

Note: The price of robot hardware excludes application customisation and programming.

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