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Telepresence Robots, Service Robots and Social Robotics

Exaptec leads the way with Service Robotics in Australia! At Exaptec we are passionate about robot technology and are excited by how they are changing the way we work, learn and play, and how they are co-evolving with us as an extension of our lives. We work intensely with our Clients to unlock emergent New Business Models that deliver tremendous benefits and value. 

We have been recognised as one on the "25 Most Promising Robotics and Automation Tech Solutions Providers"  in 2016 by APAC CIOoutlook. 


Robots for home and business have arrived to stay and are becoming more sophisticated and intelligent by the day! We pride ourself to be at the forefront of robot research to find, source, sell and support the best robots for Australians. At Exaptec we understand the application of robotics and help our customers to maximise the benefits of robotic technology.

Our robots are being used productively today by individuals, managers, teachers, students, consultants, teams and families across Australia and New Zealand.

Our robots are used across a range of industries and sectors including Healthcare, Retail, Education, Security, Manufacturing, Financial, Utilities and Government.

Our range of robots include Telepresence Robots such as the Beam Pro and Beam Plus, Double2, Padbot T1,U1,P1 and U2 and Kubi, as well as Intelligent Service Robots the Sanbot and Amy, and Riley our mini Security Robot.

As robotics specialists we have pride in our professional customer service and consultation and automation solution design capabilities. We also seek and source specialised robots as well as develop custom robotic platforms and robot application software to satisfy niche needs and requirements. Our customers speak for themselves:

We use our Kubi robots very heavily. The integration with Zoom is particularly excellent. They have been a great solution for remote workers.
— Brad Hofman (ICT Manager: CV Asia Pacific)

a GREAT EXaMPLE of our TELEPRESENCE robots in action is genazzano FCG College, one of our first clients in melbourne that love USING their Double genbot ! 

KUBI and DOUBLE Telepresence Robots are used to attend class at college !

The Disability Unit at OTEN TafeNsw is using a PadBot for off site Teacher access and student use for support and teaching!

Amy Robotics friendly robot acts as conference Concierge and dance partner at Auspack 2017  in Sydney. Auspack is one of the largest industrial exhibitions in Australia.

Contact us today to explore what our robots can do for you !

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Click here to visit Pangolin Robotics

Click here to visit Pangolin Robotics

OBA has a friendly face and a "head space" door!

OBA has a friendly face and a "head space" door!

OBA is a capable and nimble Delivery Robot

OBA is great delivery butler, and very clever too. OBA can deliver food, drinks, medicines, toys and other goodies such as an engagement ring to your fiancee! 

OBA's "head space door" flicks open to allow storage for your goodies. Click it shut to secure it so that no one else but the intended recipient can tamper with it.

OBA will then securely deliver the goodies to where the final customer is, who will then use a personal virtual key to open the top door and retrieve the goodies to enjoy!


OBA Robot  in a shopping center where lots of kids play in the way! (Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp., Ltd. on 2016-11-05.)

Click here to visit the home of  Riley

Click here to visit the home of  Riley

Riley is guarding the front door with the clay cat

Riley is guarding the front door with the clay cat

Worlds cutest home security robot

Appbot Riley is a high tech little home robot that offers a wide range of cool functions and handy abilities that are controlled from a user friendly mobile app. Riley can be used:

1) As a security robot to alert you of intruders.

2) To entertain people and your pets at home.

3) To check things for yourself in the house.

4) To patrol rooms and take photos and videos

5) To listen and speak remotely.

You can also use Riley with your smartphone and the Riley app to check if you have "left the water on in the laundry" or "switched off the stove"!

Riley will even alert you if it spots an intruder in the house. It is easy to connect many Rileys to be controlled by one smartphone, or  many smartphones can be used to connect one or multiples Rileys in various rooms. Why not buy a fleet of Rileys for your whole family so that everyone can easily be connected to every other one of your family members homes from family phones!

Check out the video when Riley was born on Indiegogo.

Here is Riley the Security Robot and his friend Paddy being charged! Picture taken by another Riley patrolling around the house. 


Click here for more information on Beam Pro and Beam Plus telepresence robots

Click here for more information on Beam Pro and Beam Plus telepresence robots

 Beam high-end advanced enterprise Telepresence Robots

Beam Plus (LH) and Beam Pro (RH)

Beam Plus (LH) and Beam Pro (RH)

The Beam range of telepresence robots are our most advanced enterprise level units with state-of-the-art mobile apps and user management software.

The BeamPro is the world leading enterprise level telepresence robot launched in 2014. Suitable Technologies Beam robots remain the high-end choice telepresence robots for business and healthcare use.  

The Beam family telepresence robot models available from us are: 

  1. Beam Pro executive level robot with assisted driving and advanced camera and audio options.
  2. Beam Plus with scaled down components at a more affordable price point. 

The Beam range incorporates enterprise management software and mobile device apps  (SPS Smart Presence System) that are optimised to manage and control your fleet of Beam robots and number of telepresence users.

Both Beam Pro and Beam Plus sports drive speeds up to 3.22 Kph with a battery charge lasting to 8 hours from a charging dock unit. They have multiple microphones and digital zoom camera capabilities. 

Annual Subscription and Support available.


Beam Pro with optional Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera and laser pointer (PTZ+L) is perfect for healthcare

Beam Pro with optional Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera and laser pointer (PTZ+L) is perfect for healthcare

See how Microsoft use BeamPro to enhance communication and productivity




Click here to visit PadBot for more product information

Click here to visit PadBot for more product information

 Affordable telepresence robots with collision detection

Your PadBot is a friendly and affordable robot suited for individuals, families and small businesses. PadBots are loaded with innovative features that make them easy to use. Three models are available: 

  1. Full Size 3 wheel U1 that is controlled by your own Apple or android tablet.
  2. Full Size 3 wheel P1 that has an in built pre-setup tablet included as part of the unit.
  3. Mini tank tread T1 that makes your mobile phone truly mobile and charges it at the same time.

Padbots are at home at your office or your home. 

Collision Avoidance

The PadBot has built in sensors that stops the robot from bumping into furniture and other objects, or falling down stairs. This feature makes it easy for children to control and roam about the house or office.

Charger Seeking

The PadBot will automatically drive itself to the charger when it is found in range.

Driving your PadBot is easy and fun !

Mini PadBot model T1 is now available!

The T1 is a personal size Padbot that you can easily carry around and utilise on table tops where the full size Padbot cannot go or on the  ground where it can zoom around the space.



Click here to visit Revolve Robotics for more Kubi product information

Click here to visit Revolve Robotics for more Kubi product information

Base mounted robot that can look around!

Your Kubi Robot can be mounted on the provided circular base plate or on a tripod, and is ideal for conference rooms, offices, kitchens, and all other spaces where people congregate.  With an internet connection you can access the space where the robot is situated from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer. The teleconference experience can be provided by the Kubi video optimised interface or your favourite teleconference application. 

You can swivel the head 300 degrees around the room and also look up and down (tilt) at the same time. This allows you to look at and talk directly with people in the room or when needed swivel around to view a screen or board. Or you can decide to stare out the window to enjoy the view! 

The robot is controlled via the Revolver Robotics apps (download for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store) or from your computer Chrome and Firefox browser at kubivideo.me.

Table Top Telepresence Robot

Kubi uses a standard tablet such as an Apple iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini, Android tablet or Microsoft Surface tablet mounted in a landscape or portrait orientation. The tablet provides the audio and video conference facilities.

You can also use another video conference app with full swivel and tilt mobility such as Skype, FaceTime, Jabber or even Google Hangouts. Kubi communicates with the tablet through Bluetooth technology.

Enhanced Audio Kit

An optional Audio kit is available to enhance the audio of the tablet to cover large meetings, noisy areas and conferences. It contains a directional microphone and amplified speaker that is optimised for voice communication. 


KUBI 2013 ISO minimal.jpg

A moveable Neck for your Tablet  !

Click here to visit AMY Robotics for the latest product information

Click here to visit AMY Robotics for the latest product information

 Advanced multi application service robot

The Sanbot robot is a leading edge and high technology customisable unit that offers a vast range of sensors and application program options.

Sanbot is ideal for advanced organisational and business applications as well as being suitable for families and individuals. Its powerful computing engine and development capabilities ensure that it can be tailored to exactly what you require your robot do for you.

Service Applications

Sanbot and the parent company Qihan has created a robust ecosystem of applications, service providers and app developers. 
With an open API that enables developers to build Android applications that harness Sanbot’s powerful AI and machine-learning capabilities, businesses will deliver more interactive and richer services that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

AMY A1 also has a big brother called the M1 which delivers  enterprise strength features and is fully customisable.  

Sanbot is a humanoid robot that interacts well with humans! 

Click here to visit AMY Robotics for the latest product information

Click here to visit AMY Robotics for the latest product information

 Intelligent social robot with telepresence

The AMY A1 robot has a powerful screen and computer built in that enables intelligent telepresence, learning, social interaction and control functions.

With a friendly and responsive face and voice AMY can recognise voice commands and respond appropriately to provide information and execute commands.

The AMY A1 is ideal for individuals, families, offices, retail outlets, schools and medical facilities. Its intelligence makes it useful for a range of interactive features and activities. 

Social Interaction

The AMY A1 in the role of being your own personal assistant is adept at communication and listening intently. She recognises faces and voices to customise interaction according to your personal preferences.

Connected to internet sources of information, AMY securely and discreetly finds answers to questions and events such as waking you up with a nice tone, explaining what the weather forecast is, what meetings you have in your schedule today, or even switch on the lights and coffee machine (when automation is installed in your home).   

AMY A1 also has a big brother called the M1 which delivers  enterprise strength features and is fully customisable.  

AMY A1 also has a big brother called the M1 which delivers  enterprise strength features and is fully customisable.  

Click here to visit the Double Robotics for more product information

Click here to visit the Double Robotics for more product information

Remote controlled roaming self balancing robot!

Your Double 2 Telepresence Robot puts you in the driving seat from wherever you may be in the world. You can roam about freely, talk to people, attend meetings, or just check out the space.

The driving experience of the Double 2 is greatly enhanced with new features such as Lateral Stability Control that improves navigating over cables and carpets and other bumps on the floor and Power Drive that allows greater distances to be covered up to 80% faster.

Your robot will liberate you from having to schedule a room with videoconference facilities because you can now sign-in and roam any time, which enables a revolutionary new level of interaction with people. There is also no need now to call or ask someone to set up a laptop for video chat.

The robot is controlled via the Double Robotics iOS app (download from the Apple App Store) on an iPhone or iPad or a computer using a Google Chrome browser at the URL drive.doublerobotics.com  

Double Apps.jpg

Double 2 Robot

The "brain power" as well as forward camera, down camera and standard microphone/speakers is provided by your own Apple iPad or iPad Air (recommended). The robot once fully charged (2-3 hours) is available for use for 6-8 hours. It can turn on its own axis and move around forwards and backwards at a normal persons walking pace. It is suited for indoor operation on flat floor surfaces (not steps). The robot includes a charger, allen key, and wide angle lens. 


An audio kit is available to amplify the iPAD speaker and provide a directional microphone. It is suited for more noisy environments such as conferences, classrooms and large meetings. 

The Video Kit improves on the iPAD camera by providing a high definition wide angle lens with more video and photo taking clarity and area. The 150 degree wide-angle lens provides 70% move view! The 5 megapixels also takes higher resolution photos than the standard iPAD camera.

The charging dock accommodates the standard charger, and is used to dock and charge the robot remotely. The user drives the robot into or out of the dock. The dock ensures that the robot is always on and charged and available for action. 

The  Audio and Video accessories are also backwards compatible with the Double 1 and can be successfully used to enhance the first generation robot.

Driving your Double is easy and fun !

SERVICES: Robotic Apps and Robot Platform Development

Exaptec Specialises in research, sourcing, customisation and development of the most suitable and state-of-the-art robotic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms for our clients needs.  We also develop Integrated Application solutions to satisfy specific client Use Cases for maximum payback and business benefit. 

In addition we co-develop robotic automation solutions with a range of partner companies that provide hardware components as well as software libraries and tools to satisfy specific requirements to the full.

Applying joint innovation processes we follow efficient Agile development practices that lead to delivery of quickest time to value. Our capabilities include applying AIML, C/C++, Java, Android, ROS (Robotic Operating System) and SAP HANA for :

1) Robotics Platforms,

2) Chatbot Scripting, 

3) Internet of Things,

4) Home Automation,

5) Cloud Connectivity,

6) Big Data Analytics,

7) Mobile control Apps and Dashboards,

8) Integration to Business Systems (SAP etc.)

9) Robotics Consulting.    


Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels, Universities and Schools, Retail, Government and Health Care.

Australia Region Pricing

OBA with Head Space Door


Delivery Robot $ CONTACT US

Includes charger. Excludes application customisation and programming.


appbot Riley $ 559

Includes USB charger and cable as well as mobile charging Dock.


Beam Pro $ 25,499 

Assisted driving, screen, charging dock and software.

Annual Subscription and Support $ 2,329 

Beam (Plus Max) $ 7,319

Supplied with screen, charging dock and software. 

Annual Subscription and Support $ 739

BEAM Fleet Discount Available!

Kubi Whiteboard.jpg


Classic Robot $ 1,299

Supply your own iPad, Android or Windows tablet.

USB Charger included.

Enhanced Audio Kit $ 449

Optional directional microphone and amplified speaker with 4 port USB charging dock.


Padbot U1  $1,599

Supply your own iPad or Android tablet.

PaDbot P1  $1,799

Built in Android tablet is included.

Mini T1   $249

Tank tread Mobile Phone robot


Double 2 Full Kit  $ 5,499

Includes Charging Dock, Audio Kit and Video Kit. Supply your own iPad.

AMY Robotics

A1 Intelligent Robot $ 11,899

Includes embedded screen and CPU with programmable adaptive autonomy capability and voice command control with face recognition.

Gold Sanbot.jpg

Sanbot by QIHAN

Advanced Service ROBOT $ 18,799

Includes charging dock.


  • Pricing above is in Australian Dollars (AUD) and includes GST. 
  • Contact us for a Quote - Prices quoted are valid for 7 days and may change due to foreign exchange rate fluctuations.
  • iPad's, tablets or PC's for control are not included except as stated and are to be provided by the customer.
  • Shipping and handling cost is extra to be provided per quotation to ship to delivery address.
  • Subject to stock availability. If in stock the units will be dispatched within 24 hours after payment is received.
  • Note that customer "change of mind" due to any situation will not apply. Please make sure of your purchase.
  • Manufacturers warranties will be upheld to the point of original delivery as far as applicable.
  • Caveat Emptor applies. Due to the high technology nature of products, Exaptec cannot be held responsible for supplier and/or manufacturer problems and issues that are outside of our control including business closures, mergers and acquisitions, software and hardware bugs,  etc. 

Our Robotics  Team

Nicci - CEO

Nicci is our founder. She is passionate about client service and always making sure that every robot solution that we deploy is the right technology that will in a humanistic way deliver value to our clients requirements and needs and make their life easier. Nicci can charm the hind leg off any Robot  without blushing - even the T-1 and T-20.

Anton - CTO

Anton is a techno-anarchist-disruptor that  puts human to robotics jigsaw puzzle pieces together into a solution that works. Anton also makes sure that the quality of our products and services are of the highest order. He often gets lost in nature because he likes aimlessly roaming forests in search of waterfalls, rainbows and new robots designs.


Matt is a mechanical engineer par-excellence that builds good working stuff  from anything and fixes virtually anything that is broken to work again.  He has a body of pure stainless steel. Matt is also a commercial pilot, believes in Occams Razor  and is a motorcycle restorer and racer.  


Cameron likes Robots but he loves People. He facilitates the best connection between people and robots "Human, meet your Robot!"  Robots are here to serve humans after all! Cameron travelled the world and narrowly missed finding Shangri-La, but keeps on looking. Robots and humans benefit from his energy and enthusiasm to make the world a better place.  


Amit has a big technical brain. Therefore he drives our software architecture proverbial drone-truck to ensure that we are always a little bit in front of the leading edge. Amit loves technology stacks and clouds and has architected a lot of advanced technical solutions. He also specialises in financial and banking applications.

CAS - intern

Cas is a brilliant and enthusiastic robotics mechatronics engineer to be. He lovers mechanical and electronic things that can be controlled with software. He programs in many languages including Mandarin.  He develops applications that are friendly and intuitive and works fast and efficient just like our clients. 


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