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Robots for Work and Play from Anywhere

We deliver state-of-the-art Service Robots, Social Robots and Telepresence Robot Solutions as a Service

Exaptec leads the way with Robotic Automation Solutions and Applications world-wide! At Exaptec we are passionate about robot technology and we are excited by how they are changing the way we work, learn and play, and how they are co-evolving with us as an extension of our lives. We work closely with our Clients to utilise robotic hardware and software components to unlock New Business Models that deliver tremendous benefits and value. 

We have been recognised as one on the "25 Most Promising Robotics and Automation Tech Solutions Providers"  in 2016 by APAC CIOoutlook. 

Robots for home and business have arrived to stay. We use the latest Extreme Application Technologies to innovate and disrupt legacy systems in order to automate and augment human processes to become more efficient and effective. At Exaptec we understand the real-world application of robots to help our clients to maximise the benefits of robotic technology.

Exaptec operates at the forefront of technology to design, create, build, deploy and support uniquely innovative and disruptive bespoke integrated service robotics automation solutions for clients world-wide. 

Our robots are being used productively today by individuals, managers, teachers, students, consultants, teams and families across Australia and New Zealand. Our Double robot is the first telepresence robot to star on Australian TV- Channel 9 The Block .


Watch real-world examples of telepresence robots in use

Our robots and application software solutions are used across a range of industries and sectors including Healthcare, Retail, Education, Security, Manufacturing, Financial, Utilities and Government.

Our range of robots available for integrated solutions include Telepresence Robots as well as Intelligent Service Robots and Social Robots.

Exaptec is proud to be the Gartner Symposium ITXPO Media and Association Partner as well as the industry partner for Healthcare for the Australian Robotics Roadmap

 As robotics specialists we have great pride in our professional customer service, consultative approach and service robotics automation solution design capabilities. We also seek and source specialised robots as well as develop custom robotic platforms and robot application software to satisfy niche needs and requirements. Our customers speak for themselves:

Meet the team

We use our Kubi robots very heavily. The integration with Zoom is particularly excellent. They have been a great solution for remote workers.
— Brad Hofman (ICT Manager: CV Asia Pacific)

We passionately support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education, and incorporate Robotics and Art into our programmes to deliver a wide range of  curriculum capability that supports fun driven learning.

We are proud to be recognised as an Industry Expert Partner for the Yarra Ranges Tech School in Lilydale Victoria.

We are particularly passionate in our  support for regional Tafes and Schools with their STEM teaching programs for example at the South West TAFE Makers Festival (click for Program) and Brauer College Warrnambool.

For more information about STEM education in the Yarra Ranges click below:


The Disability Unit at OTEN TafeNsw is using a PadBot for off site Teacher access and student use for support and teaching!

Amy Robotics friendly robot acts as conference Concierge and dance partner at Auspack 2017  in Sydney. Auspack is one of the largest industrial exhibitions in Australia.

Contact us today to explore what our robots can do for you !

Robotic Process Automation Solutions (R&D)

Exaptec specialises in the research, sourcing, customisation and development of the most suitable and state-of-the-art integrated service and social robotic hardware and software solutions.  We deliver accelerated value to our clients with our professional, flexible and adaptive Consultation,  Robotics as a Solution (RaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) business services.

Our clients value our ability to provide services to innovate, enhance, improve, augment and disrupt. We deliver Robotics as a Service solutions.

The Exaptec Agile product development methodology incorporates Kenny Rubin Essential Scrum and Bas Vodde - Craig Larman Large Scale Scrum (www.LeSS.works)

The Exaptec Agile product development methodology incorporates Kenny Rubin Essential Scrum and Bas Vodde - Craig Larman Large Scale Scrum (www.LeSS.works)

Our capabilities comprise bespoke development and integration of  Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT technologies.  We also develop Integrated software application solutions to satisfy specific client Use Cases for maximum payback and business benefit. 

In addition we develop bespoke robotic automation hardware and software solutions with in-house mechatronic engineers and with a range of partner companies. Specialist focus areas include:

1) Hardware components (Rotacaster omni wheels),

2) Sensors and CAN bus technology (IFM),

3) Drive motors (Moog),

4) Motherboards and IoT technology (Advantech),

5) Robotics engineering specialist skills,

6) Cloud robotics "swarm" integration using SAP HANA

as well as software libraries and tools (ROS, IBM, Microsoft, Google, SAP) to satisfy specific use cases and requirements to the full.

We applying joint innovation processes that integrates we follow Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile product development cycles that drive quickest time to value.


Our capabilities include strategic and bespoke  fit-for-purpose selection and design of  robots solutions that integrates extreme technology hardware,  sensors and software modules developed within state-of-the-art #Robotics #Cloud #AI and #IoT technology architecture frameworks i.e. Tensorflow, Android, Python, AIML, C/C++, Java, Kotlin, ROS and SAP HANA.

Our robotic automation service include:

OMNI wheel robot drive platform - designed for a 100-200 Kg payload capacity.

OMNI wheel robot drive platform - designed for a 100-200 Kg payload capacity.

1) Consulting and Advisory Services

2) Robotics Platform Research, Selection and/or Design and Build

3) Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Deep Learning

4) Heterogenous Swarm Robotics and Machine Vision

4) Chatbot and Natural Language solution development, 

5) Internet of Things development and integration,

6) Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

7) Integrated Cloud Connectivity

8) Big Data Analytics

9) Mobile Apps and Dashboards

10) Integration to ERP Business Systems (SAP etc.)

Kobuki Turtlebot 2 ROS Development platforms in charge mode.

Kobuki Turtlebot 2 ROS Development platforms in charge mode.

Use cases and applications

Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels, Apartment buildings, Universities and Schools, Retail, Government and Health Care.

STEM Education

Exaptec offers a broad spectrum of fun  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educational programs and  services for public education institutions as well as corporate enterprises and private individuals. With our particular passion for learning and having fun, we enhanced STEM to STREAM by adding Robotics and Art into the mix.

Our range of courses all use advanced robotics and AI technologies as the foundational core of the course design for practical  pedagogical learning that expands the mind of every participant to think "outside of the box"  and grow into understanding robotics and AI as human tools to augment our lives.

Our custom designed courseware covers a full spectrum of learning activities from basics to advanced across all age groups starting from 5 years old to 90 year old.

Our STEM courses include:

  • Introduction to Robotics and AI by building and coding a robot to do useful missions. We cover various levels of capability using multiple types of robots.
  • Coding and programming robots to follow commands and orders. We offer from simple programming using visual languages to sophisticated applications using Python, C, Java and ROS programming.
  • Innovation and invention using robotics technologies for human application and interaction. Covers the full spectrum of Lean Product Development. We also teach Agile and Lean product development during this course.
  • Developing Robotic Intelligence incorporating autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence, speech recognition and computer vision.

Contact us today to talk about your STREAM education requirements! Attend our next course by registering on Eventbrite.

Eventbrite - Robotics STEM Education FUN Half Day for Parent and Child


Our Robotics  Team

Nicci - CEO

Nicci is our founder. She is passionate about client service and always making sure that every robot solution that we deploy is the right technology that will in a humanistic way deliver value to our clients requirements and needs and make their life easier. Nicci can charm the hind leg off any Robot  without blushing - even the T-1 and T-20.

Anton - CTO

Anton is a techno-anarchist-disruptor that  puts human to robotics jigsaw puzzle pieces together into a solution that works. Anton also makes sure that the quality of our products and services are of the highest order. He often gets lost in nature because he likes aimlessly roaming forests in search of waterfalls, rainbows and new robots designs.


Robot Ketan.jpeg

Ketan is a highly focussed Digital Transformation & Internet of Things (ioT) technology evangelist with a comprehensive knowledge of using Robotics for STEM Education in Healthcare & Services sectors. He is driven bythe wish to dispel myths and educate people on how robotic technology will resolve personal and business challenges.


Robot Team.jpeg

We are a passionate self managing Agile team with some of the brightest minds in robotics today. We are comprised of brilliant and enthusiastic Android developers, product designers, AI experts and  mechatronics engineers. We love building robots that like to serve humans. We develop applications that are friendly and intuitive and work fast and efficient just like our clients. 


Back Row Left to Right : Anton, Ahmed, Tom (friend), Nicci, Zack. Front Row Left to Right: Amy, Sanbot, Cas, Stella, Ram, Padbot. Not present:  Ketan, Jayson, Veena, Umaid.

Back Row Left to Right : Anton, Ahmed, Tom (friend), Nicci, Zack. Front Row Left to Right: Amy, Sanbot, Cas, Stella, Ram, Padbot. Not present:  Ketan, Jayson, Veena, Umaid.

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