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STEM Education

Exaptec offers a broad spectrum of fun  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educational programs and  services for public education institutions as well as corporate enterprises and private individuals. With our particular passion for learning and having fun, we enhanced STEM to STREAM by adding Robotics and Art into the mix.

Our range of courses all use advanced robotics and AI technologies as the foundational core of the course design for practical  pedagogical learning that expands the mind of every participant to think "outside of the box"  and grow into understanding robotics and AI as human tools to augment our lives.

Our custom designed courseware covers a full spectrum of learning activities from basics to advanced across all age groups starting from 5 years old to 90 year old.

Our STEM courses include:

  • Introduction to Robotics and AI by building and coding a robot to do useful missions. We cover various levels of capability using multiple types of robots.
  • Coding and programming robots to follow commands and orders. We offer from simple programming using visual languages to sophisticated applications using Python, C, Java and ROS programming.
  • Innovation and invention using robotics technologies for human application and interaction. Covers the full spectrum of Lean Product Development. We also teach Agile and Lean product development during this course.
  • Developing Robotic Intelligence incorporating autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence, speech recognition and computer vision.

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Eventbrite - Robotics STEM Education FUN Half Day for Parent and Child