OMNI - Generic Payload Autonomous Workhorse Robot

OMNI is our in-house developed Omni Directional platform. It is the largest carry capacity Omni Directional Robot available in the world today. 

The design is based on a 3x3 wheel tripod configured utilising extremely robust omni wheels sourced from our Australian robotic wheel partner Rotacaster.

OMNI can carry virtually any payload with ease.

The features of our robot platform are:

OMNI Robot with example payload.

OMNI Robot with example payload.

  • Accommodates any payload up to 5 ft height.
  • Payload control and automation system bus.
  • Lights out and lights-on autonomous navigation. 
  • Cloud based mission data capture.
  • Cloud based robot health monitor dashboard.
  • Multi-robot communication and data exchange.
  • Fully autonomous indoor navigation.
  • Automatic charging with charging dock.
  • 640mm diameter by 175mm hight.
  • 100 - 200 Kg payload carry capacity.
  • Universal payload latch mechanism.
  • Open platform ROS based software control.

OMNI is an “Open Payload Robotics Platform” that can accommodate any top area payload such as Biohazard disposal Bins, Pharmaceutical Dispensing Trays, Kegs of Beer, Spares, Robotic Arms, Boxing Dummies, Children, Pets, Suitcases etc. The payload device may be controlled via on-board hardware and software and can include cameras, microphones, latches, switches, actuators, linear motors, sensors, lasers, etc.

OMNI is available for purchase or alternately can be provided using a RaaS (Robotics as a Service) fully managed delivery model.