Click here to visit Revolve Robotics for more Kubi product information

Click here to visit Revolve Robotics for more Kubi product information

Base mounted robot that can look around!

Your Kubi Robot can be mounted on the provided circular base plate or on a tripod, and is ideal for conference rooms, offices, kitchens, and all other spaces where people congregate.  With an internet connection you can access the space where the robot is situated from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer. The teleconference experience can be provided by the Kubi video optimised interface or your favourite teleconference application. 

You can swivel the head 300 degrees around the room and also look up and down (tilt) at the same time. This allows you to look at and talk directly with people in the room or when needed swivel around to view a screen or board. Or you can decide to stare out the window to enjoy the view! 

The robot is controlled via the Revolver Robotics apps (download for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store) or from your computer Chrome and Firefox browser at

Table Top Telepresence Robot

Kubi uses a standard tablet such as an Apple iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini, Android tablet or Microsoft Surface tablet mounted in a landscape or portrait orientation. The tablet provides the audio and video conference facilities.

You can also use another video conference app with full swivel and tilt mobility such as Skype, FaceTime, Jabber or even Google Hangouts. Kubi communicates with the tablet through Bluetooth technology.

Enhanced Audio Kit

An optional Audio kit is available to enhance the audio of the tablet to cover large meetings, noisy areas and conferences. It contains a directional microphone and amplified speaker that is optimised for voice communication. 


KUBI 2013 ISO minimal.jpg

A moveable Neck for your Tablet  !

Kubi works great with Zoom Video and Web Conference!