Exaptec specialises in the research, sourcing, customisation and development of the most suitable and state-of-the-art integrated service and social robotic hardware and software solutions.  We deliver accelerated value to our clients with our professional, flexible and adaptive Consultation,  Robotics as a Solution (RaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) business services.

Our clients value our ability to provide services to innovate, enhance, improve, augment and disrupt. We deliver Robotics as a Service solutions.


The Exaptec Agile product development methodology incorporates Kenny Rubin Essential Scrum and Bas Vodde - Craig Larman Large Scale Scrum (

Our capabilities comprise bespoke development and integration of  Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT technologies.  We also develop Integrated software application solutions to satisfy specific client Use Cases for maximum payback and business benefit. 

In addition we develop bespoke robotic automation hardware and software solutions with in-house mechatronic engineers and with a range of partner companies. Specialist focus areas include:

1) Hardware components (Rotacaster omni wheels),

2) Sensors and CAN bus technology (IFM),

3) Drive motors (Moog),

4) Motherboards and IoT technology (Advantech),

5) Robotics engineering specialist skills,

6) Cloud robotics "swarm" integration using SAP HANA

as well as software libraries and tools (ROS, IBM, Microsoft, Google, SAP) to satisfy specific use cases and requirements to the full.

We applying joint innovation processes that integrates we follow Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile product development cycles that drive quickest time to value.


Our capabilities include strategic and bespoke  fit-for-purpose selection and design of  robots solutions that integrates extreme technology hardware,  sensors and software modules developed within state-of-the-art #Robotics #Cloud #AI and #IoT technology architecture frameworks i.e. Tensorflow, Android, Python, AIML, C/C++, Java, Kotlin, ROS and SAP HANA.

Our robotic automation service include:


OMNI wheel robot drive platform - designed for a 100-200 Kg payload capacity.

1) Consulting and Advisory Services

2) Robotics Platform Research, Selection and/or Design and Build

3) Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Deep Learning

4) Heterogenous Swarm Robotics and Machine Vision

4) Chatbot and Natural Language solution development, 

5) Internet of Things development and integration,

6) Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

7) Integrated Cloud Connectivity

8) Big Data Analytics

9) Mobile Apps and Dashboards

10) Integration to ERP Business Systems (SAP etc.)


Kobuki Turtlebot 2 ROS Development platforms in charge mode.


Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels, Apartment buildings, Universities and Schools, Retail, Government and Health Care.