Double Robot

Double Robot

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Able to travel at walking speed and turn on its own axis, the Double 2 lets remote users feel they’re part of the action. This is telepresence taken to the next level.

Comes with audio kit, camera and charging dock. (Tablet not included).

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The Double 2 telepresence robot puts you in the driving seat; wherever you may be in the world. The driving experience of the Double 2 has been greatly enhanced with the inclusion of new features, such as the Lateral Stability Control and Power Drive. These ensure smooth, stable and fast navigation. 

The Double 2 has a battery life of up to 8 hours. It can turn on its own axis and travel at walking pace. It is suited to indoor operation on flat floor surfaces (not steps). The robot includes a charger, Allen key, and wide angle lens. 

The Double 2 is controlled via an iPhone or iPad using the Double Robotics iOS app or any computer running a Google Chrome browser. 

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